Sunday, August 7, 2011

Highs & Lows


Since the husband was gone for the week to North Carolina on business, I went to Orlando, Florida to stay with some family who was visiting from Michigan.  It was a nice little vacation that kept me occupied while he was away.

While in Orlando we went to Universal Islands of Adventure! It was SO much fun being a kid again & it was a gorgeous day.

 One night for dinner, my cousin Megan & I went to Downtown Disney for dinner at Planet Hollywood.  We had a spinach manicotti that was amazingly good, tasty drinks, & one of the best seats in the house on the second floor overlooking everything.

I FINALLY got a new phone today, a 3rd Gen iPhone which I LOVE.  I can't stop playing with it.

I found out I am officially enrolled in my new school, Aveda Jacksonville & started my new job all in the same week!  Go me.

My brother moved out on his own for the first time, I am so proud of him!  It doesn't hurt he lives right next to my absolute favorite hot dog joint in all the world.  I know where I'm going next time I visit Michigan :)

My cousin had his surgery and it went really well!  He is well on his way to a full recovery, thank you for all your prayers xx


It was so hot while we were at Universal my forehead got sunburned & now the skin looks funny.

I cant think of any other lows actually so looking back it was a pretty great week!  Hope you all had one just as awesome.

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