About Me

Hello all of you fellow bloggers, internet junkies, and all the rest alike out there!  I, Shayna have finally decided to buckle down and create my very own blog.  For years I have been obsessed with anything DIY, crafty, artsy, etc and I have come to the point where I think it is time for me to share with the world my inspirations just as others have done for me.  

I am a young aspiring artist and designer and I have a great passion for life.  Though life right now as an extremely overloaded college art student, sometimes clouds my enthusiasm.  Even still I manage to keep myself sane through others awesome artsy blogs, my travels, my two cats, goldfish, my fantastic husband, family, and friends

So I am looking at this as my new 'stress-relieving' outlet.  Before I became a student, lots of traveling was my release.  After High School, one of my best friends and I decided to take a trip.  I had already been around the world a few times doing volunteer work in Thailand but after that taste of adventure, I of course wanted more.  We spent 6 weeks traveling from Stockholm, Sweden all the way down to Palermo, Sicily and back.  It was probably the greatest experience of my life thus far.  Once again after all that adventure, I wanted more.  A few months after coming home I finagled my way back to Europe working as an Au Pair in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I lived there for six months, mostly having the time of my life.  I learned so much about myself then, my strengths and weaknesses and so much more.  I also met some of the greatest people on this planet (at least i think so!) who will forever be so dear to me.

But now that I am back here in the good ol' U.S. of A. I am on a new type of adventure. I am now married to the love of my life, Spencer.  He is a fantastic husband and we have so much fun exploring life together.

In addition to all of that, all I wish for out of this is that all of you readers (whether few or many) enjoy sharing life and art with me through this blog.  That you may be either inspired, intrigued, or even just amused for a minute or two from these postings.  I hope to do the same as so many others have done for me...now go have fun creating!
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