100 Cool Facts

1.  I have hazel eyes that look different colors depending on what I am wearing
2.  I have been in love with the show Law & Order since middle school
3.  I have a weird squeaky sounding sneeze
4.  When I was in 3rd grade I wanted to be a famous country singer
5.  I hate flossing because I have really sensitive teeth
6.  I am allergic to Asparagus
7.  I hate raw tomatoes, they make me gag
8.  I have been to 13 different countries
9.  I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for six months
10.  I have worked as a nanny for the past 6 years
11.  I have a gross uni-brow that I shave and wax vigorously
12.  I love to cook.  Especially for my wonderful fiance and his roommates, the appreciate it the most
13.  I played flute for 6 years and bassoon for 2
14.  I am now teaching myself how to play piano and guitar, not very successfully
15.  I get horrible heebie geebies from the sound of frozen things or ice scratching
16.  My favorite food in the world is grilled cheese and tomato soup
17.  I also love Thai food.
18.  I went to Thailand twice through New Tribes Missions, hence my love for Thai food
19.  I am on the internet, especially facebook much too often
20.  I can't do homework without the T.V. on
21.  My favorite movie is The Princess Bride
22.  My second favorite movie is Tommy Boy
23.  I want to name my first daughter Johnna (John-ugh) after my grandfather
24.  My fiance and I met in 7th grade at summer camp
25.  He was also my first 'real' kiss, that is not counting all of the dares, spin the bottles, and pre 3rd grade smooches
26.  I have studied Danish and German.  I speak enough Danish to get around town and I am even better at German.
27.  I worked at a pizzeria/sports bar off and on for several years
28.  I have never had braces but after I get my wisdom teeth out I have to get them, at age 22...yuck
29.  I have never weighed over 125 lbs
30.  I am an indie/techno music junkie
31.  I have naturally curly hair (very curly) but it is very cooperative and I can do anything to it
32.  I love to sing Karaoke, I did just last night actually
33.  I almost always sing Jewel when I sing Karaoke
34.  My favorite flowers are daisies 
35.  I had surgery on my hand last year to remove a ganglion cyst
36.  I named my ganglion cyst 'friend'
37.  I have two really old cats name Anastasia aka Anna ans Sassafras aka Sassy ages 15 and 13
38.  I also have a goldfish that I got for my 13th birthday from my best friend named Alvin 
39.  I have a serious shoe problem, I own over 70 pairs
40.  In high school I was in a play, While The Lights Were Out
41.  I was also in a musical, Footloose, where I played Ren's mom Ethel
42.  My fiance proposed to me by singing 'I only want to be with you' by Hootie & the Blowfish in a packed restaurant
43.  My grandma taught me how to sew when I was 11
44.  My other grandma taught me how to knit and crochet
45.  My dad is from California and his entire family still lives in his old hometown, Marysville
46.  I dream about moving and settling in California some day, preferably San Francisco or SoCal
47.  My favorite concert I have ever been to was John Mayer
48.  Second favorite was seeing the Kings of Leon from a friends roof at a neighboring park in Denmark
49.  I lived in Kentwood Michigan until I was 14 when we moved to a small town called Byron Center 
50.  I am currently an Interior Design student at Central Michigan University
51.  I eat waaaay too much Ranch dressing.  I could probably put it on everything
52.  My fiance and I love to ride motorcycles.  We just sold our old one and will be buying a new one soon.
53.  My parents also ride and we are part of a Christian Motorcycle club (Christian Motorcycle Association) with them
54.  I have never been to Washington D.C. or most of the rest of the U.S. east coast
55.  The only bones I have ever broken are my nose, pinky finger, and pinky toe
56.  I hate body products with floral scents, they make me sneeze
57.  I have baby sized feet and fit into most children shoes
58.  Every Sunday I have chips and cheese with salsa and sour cream and a Corona while I watch Desperate Houswives.  Its a tradition my cousin and I started two years ago
59.  My favorite beer is Corona and Carlsberg and my favorite wine is Gewürztraminer and Malbec
60.  I have a new obsession with all things gold
61.  My first love is sketching, second is paiting
62.  For my personal artwork my favorite stuff to do is mixed media
63.  I can not throw on the potters wheel to save my life
64.  I have bad eye hand coordination
65.  Because of that I am not so good at any sport involving a ball
66.  I did competitive diving all through High School
67.  I also was on a show water skiing team for 6 years
68.  I can do all sorts of sweet water skiing tricks and such now
69.  My favorite animal is an Octopus
70.  I want to get a tattoo of an octopus on my side some day
71.  I am a horrible procrastinator, I am trying to get better though
72.  I am going to cosmetology school this fall for a year while my fiance and I live in Ann Arbor
73.  My moms mothers family started a fruit farm in Northern Michigan that we still own a small part of
74.  Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love dressing up
75.  I always thought I would marry no earlier than 28 but now here I am getting married at 21
76.  I wanted to join the military when I was younger but I don't have bad joints so I cant
77.  I have horrible eyesight and I can't see a thing without my contacts or glasses
78.  I love to shop at Ikea and would probably buy that entire store if I could
79.  I designed my engagement ring and its gorgeous!
80.  I had kidney stones when I was 16
81.  Because of them I got a horrible kidney infection that landed me in the hospital on Christmas morning
82.  I am an organizational product freak 
83.  I have tried photo blogging before but it was too boring for me
84.  I have been in two fights in my life
85.  I was anemic for years until about three months ago
86.  I naturally have ridiculously high estrogen levels and take special meds to level them out
87.  I have 8 piercings, six in my ears, one in my nose and my belly button
88.  I dont like pancakes
89.  I am a strong supporter of gay rights
90.  When I was little I loved frogs and kept them as pets
91.  If I could eat out everyday I probably would, as long as it was fabulous food
92.  My dog growing up was a beagle-golden retriever mix name Charlie Bucket after Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
93.  Our family dog now is a Teddy Bear name Augustus Gloop from the same movie, we call him Gus
94.  Summer is my favorite season, I love warm weather
95.  I would spend everyday at the beach if I could
96.  I lived right next to the beach in Denmark and it was the most amazing thing ever
97.  I know how to say 'Lets get Drunk' in 6 languages, probably not the best thing to know!
98.  My room is not always clean but my closet is always meticulously organized by style and color
99.  This danish song called 'Kun For Mig' by Medina gets stuck in my head at least once a week

and for the two percent of you who are still reading...
100.  My all time favorite musician i and will always be Lionel Richie

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