Monday, August 8, 2011

Lady Gaga High Heels

Here is a little confession about myself...

I am OBSESSED with shoes. 

It is a little bit of a problem sometimes, but I am getting better about it.  At one point I had over 80 pairs of shoes, sick I know.  I go through serious phases when it comes to shoes & I have had the same size foot for forever so they easily accumulate.  I recently went through them all and tossed out anything that was falling apart and donated ones that I no longer cared for.  I am now down to about 35 pairs...kudos to me.
After going through all of those shoes I was left with these.  Comfortable plain black pumps.  I like them, but they are REALLY boring.  

So I grabbed my trusty glue gun, some old CD's & a pair of scissors and went away at it.  I cut up the CD's into little pieces, the smaller the better, then hot glued them to the shoes.  I took my time to make sure each piece fit just right and I LOVE how they turned out!  It was a super easy project and now they are definitely my new favorites.

Kinda Lady Gaga-esque don't ya think?

Here is some more shoe eye candy for ya...
 I think Gaga would be proud :) Happy Monday!

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