Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Things

One simple word can pretty much sum up my life as of now... INSANE.

In the past two weeks, on top of my already crazy school schedule & planning my wedding in July,  my fiance Spencer was offered an amazing full time position with Southeast Toyota in Jacksonville, Florida.  For all of you who don't know, we currently reside on the opposite side of the country in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In other words this means that our lives have been recently turned upside down.  (Not all bad though :) Spencer graduates on the 7th of May and we are moving two days after...UGH.  We had never been to Jacksonville before and needed to find a place to live ASAP. We flew down there this last weekend and did a ton of apartment hunting.  With the help from our awesome realtor we found a beautiful two bed/two bath apartment in Orange Park, Jax (Southern Jacksonville).   Now that it is all taken care of I can go back to my normal life of school and of course blogging!

Amid all of the insaneness (if that's a word) I did manage to finish a fun project.  I thought our quite bare apartment needed a little sprucing up so I whipped up this easy peasy little wreath:

For the finishing touch I crocheted circles and a strap then hot glued them to the wreath
Simple but I love it. 

My cousin just posted these cute pics of a fun project she finished, a Jewelry Organizer.  She has my brain turning now to come up with a cute way to organize my jewlery...hmmmm...we will see what I come up with later.

She went from this...
...to this!

She started with these supplies...

 Painted the frame blue, and then once again with a light blue lightly over top for a distressed look.  The stapled the chicken wire to the back.
She then covered the edges of the chicken wire with some felt fabric & glued it on to keep it from scratching the walls.

 And added some hooks.

and once again the awesome finished project.  LOVE IT.
Thanks Chelsea for the super cute project!
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