Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone, hope you all had a lovely time with your loved ones :)
My hunny brought me to Chicago for the weekend and it was fantastic!  Friday evening we drove downtown and went of for a super authentic dinner at this quaint place called 'Russian Tea Time.  As you guessed it, we had some pretty amazing Russian food.  If you are ever around downtown Chicago and are feeling adventurous I would definitely reccomend stopping in, amazing food and pretty decent prices (for Chicago anyway) and it is SO cute inside.  For an appetizer we tried the Russian meat dumplings with sour cream and carrots with vinegar called "Pelmeni"...
For dinner we shared a dish called "Chicken Breast Ragu", it was chicken with portabello mushrooms, mint, onions, and tomatoe wedges.  It was topped with this weird tomatoe sauce but was very delicious.  I love trying new things, especially foods.  I wanted to take a picture of our main meal but forgot...

some cool cars from the Chicago Auto Show...
Spencer and the smallest four person car ever!
Octopus car! Im obsessed
And at the Field Museum we saw lots and lots of dinosaurs!!
Her name is Sue and she is the largest and most in tact T.Rex in the world.
We definitely need to take more little weekend trips like this again.  I'm such a lucky gal to have such a wonderful man!  Hope you all had a great weekend with the ones you love most too <3 XOXO

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