Thursday, February 17, 2011

Clutch Purse

Hello all you lovely readers!

Since I am planning my wedding this upcoming summer I have been busy crafting up as much as possible.  I really want the entire day to just scream Spencer and I.  For my latest project I sewed some cute little sashes for my flower girl and mini bridesmaid.  I am pretty much obsessed with anything Liberty print so I of course had to use the super cute orange, cream and green print I found at JoAnn's the other day.  It was on sale and there was only just over a yard left on the roll so I picked up up for a mere 5 bucks, steal of the day!  It didn't take hardly any fabric to make the sashes so with all of my remnants I was thinking and thinking of what to make with it and then it hit me...matching wedding clutch!  YES.

I did some internet surfing to get some inspiration photos, something like this... 
This project only cost me about 5 dollars!
The materials that you will need:
1 2mm Foamies Sheet in white - .99 cents
7''x36'' piece of fabric (your choice print) $2
Sewing machine or needle and thread for hand stiching (I hand stitched, I like the messy look) I already had these
1 cute button - larger sized $2

Start off by cutting your fabric to the size you want, if you want a smaller clutch, use less than 36'' length or 7'' width.  Fold the fabric in half with the face of the fabric or the 'good side' on the inside of the fold and iron to give you a good seam and stiffer fabric that is easier to work with.  

Sew or stitch up the two length sides leaving the one short width end open.  Now that it is like a large tube, turn the fabric inside out so that the face of the fabric is now on the outside.  However large you decided to make your clutch, cut the Foamie sheet to size and slide it into your your 'tube' leaving about a half of inch of fabric on the open end. Then fold each side of the open end of the fabric in and sew/ stitch shut. 

Decide how you want your clutch to fold shut,  you can fold it into thirds giving you one flap to shut or you can fold it completely in half and then fold both sides over.  I decided to do the first style like the picture above.  The picture below is an example of the second option.
  Once you have made your folds sew/stitch up the sides, whether half or all the way up depending on what style you choose.  Once again turn your clutch inside out so the stiching is on the inside.  All that is left is to add button and loop.  There are a lot of ways to do this but I just wanted mine to be quite simple.  Using a piece of fabric, ribbon, or yarn attach a loop on the inside of the flap and a button on the outside.  

Now whalah!  So cute right?  When making your clutch you do not have to use the Foamie sheet you can instead use a thicker fabric.  I wanted mine to hold shape even when not much was in it so the Foamie sheet was my solution.  Now I have a super cute clutch to hold all of my 'rescue' supplies on the big day that works as an extra matching accessory!
Opinions are appreciated!  
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  1. Great idea for left-over fabric, and springy too! Nice.

  2. easy breezy! thanks for sharing!


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