Monday, August 1, 2011

NEW BLOG PARTY!! Green of the Week #1

I have decided to start something new and fun here at Shaydes.  Since I love all things 'green', color and eco-friendly, I am starting a bi-weekly post party called

Though I do love the color green, this time I am referring to the eco-friendly kind.  Every first and third Monday of the month I want to show you something cool and 'green' you can do for your house, self, or family either by myself or from another awesome blog that I have seen. 

 To keep all the GREENESSS going I want all of you to link up anything awesomely 'green' you have posted about.  It could be something old you restored, something re-purposed, something you planted, or something you recycled.  It does not have to be something you just did, you could have done it 3 years ago, as long as its GREEN! If you don't want to link up, leave a comment about the green of the week, I luuurve comments!

I strongly believe in being GREEN and I always find accomplishment in giving back to the environment as much as I can.  I hope you will join me in recyclemania!

This week is....dun dun dun...
A Dresser Drawer Herb Garden 

My Aunt picked me up four of these super cute & simple looking old dresser drawers for FREE at a garage sale a couple months ago.  Unfortunately one of them was destroyed during the move to Florida but that is okay, I like odd numbers better anyway.  This week I decided to turn one of them into my new mini herb garden for my apartment (I will do the same to the other two when I live somewhere with more space).

This is what I used to have, worked fine but I have used most of the plants and needed to purchase more.

I went to Home Depot and picked up some new herbs.  I was only able to get Chives & Sweet Basil because it has been too hot down here for anything else to survive.  I will add Rosemary & Cilantro to the mix later, those four are the herbs that I use most.

To start I painted my dresser drawer a light teal-blue.  I didn't totally cover it in paint to make it look a little bit more weathered.  Gotta love the shabby chic!

I let it dry then added some cute butterfly knobs that I picked up for $3 on clearance for a set of four (I got two sets so I can add them to my other ones later).  I didn't screw any hole in the bottom of the drawer for water, it had some cracks/holes in it to begin with & that will be enough with how hot it is here.  Water drys up quick!  Finally I added the plants and some potting soil to the drawer....

Recycled herb goodness!  Not only is the planter re-purposed, but growing my own herbs is also a way to be self sustainable.  Now show me your GREEN GOODNESS!

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  1. So cute! What a good idea! Do you love having your own place to decorate? : ) I cant wait for that!


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