Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day

So my uni had our first snow day in three years this past Wednesday, and was it a doozy!  Over two feet of drifting snow kept us all from even leaving the apartment complex.  We couldn't even open the door until maintenance came to dig us out!  I took pictures of what I could get from windows and peeking our balcony door open, we were on the opposite side of the wind so luckily we didn't get a whole lot of build up on our porch. And just think, this is the good side of our complex! Other cars were completely covered with snow.
As I am stuck inside all day, doing homework, catching up on laundry, I of course had to squeeze in a fun little project!  I had a ton of fabric left over from school projects last semester and some batting I picked up at a second hand store for .50 cents (!) so I decided to make some fun throw pillows for my new apartment this May.

I know they are not perfect but that is why I love them, it gives them so much more character!  I hand stitched both of them, my sewing machine is current out of order.  But that was fun and killed a lot of time being stuck inside all day.  On the first one I added the monogram with some scrap fabric and some scrap ribbon (the 'F' is for my soon to be new last name) and on the second pillow i cut out a flower shape from some more scrap fabric and stitched that on.  I thought it needed a little more so I made a miniature fabric flower from a post that I had seen on one of my 'Fave' blogs Colour Her Hope.  I hot glued a little gold tulle in between the two and wha-lah!

A drab day turned into a fab day!

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  1. I LOVE these pillows! Great job :) I am following you back. Thank you for stopping by my blog!


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