Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life, Crafts, Whatever Giveaway!

So today is Saturday and unfortunately I am feeling a bit under the weather today :( Which means probably no new crafty things will arise out of this day, bummer I know.  But of course as I refuse to get out of my fiance's comfy and warm water bed, I still can at least do a little blogging!

One of my favorite crafty bloggers is having a giveaway!  I did a post about Jen not too long ago and I am currently in the middle of recreating one of her original projects.  She now has reached 250 followers and is doing a giveaway of one of her other projects...

Super cute right!?  The winner gets a recreation with the word/s and colors of your choice.  I definitely recommend checking out her site.  Have a lovely weekend!
Life, Crafts and Whatever


  1. Very Awesome!! Welcome to the Blog World!! I'm new as well!! love your posts!! love the clutch purse!! I'm new as well!! check mine out when you get a chance

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Love the sign and the clutch purses. I am now a follower as well. Cute blog.



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