Friday, August 19, 2011

Craft Room Re-do

I have a serious problem.

My art stuff is EVERYWHERE.

So I have been researching some ideas to clean it up.  Here are some photos of ideas that I like, I found on Pinterest
I love the green/white color scheme in this one
I love the shelving & organization in both the picture above & below!
I really want some drawers & table space like here, plus I LOVE the wrapping paper organizer!
I am obsessed with apothacary walls like this one, but not sure if it will be too busy for the room.  
The biggest problem is getting this kind of organization on a very slim budget.  I did though get an awesome sauce deal on Craigslist on a pair of super cute end tables for the MB.   I want some new ones because the ones we have are going to be moved into the living room.  Both sets I am going to re-furbish in the next week.  I am thinking I am going to paint them yellow.

Well its the weekend, happy Friday everyone!

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